Land Arc – Residency Program for Artists and Architects

About the Residency Program Land Arc

Drawing on Kivik Art Centre’s other activities, the Land Arc residency program explores the intersection between sculpture, architecture, and nature, preferably within the framework of contemporary sustainability discourse. The residency program aims at bringing together young artists and architects, or emergent practices, from different countries and offer them the opportunity to meet and develop ideas and practice in the field.

The residency program is primarily – but not exclusively – aimed at people who are in the final stages of their education, or recent graduates. The ambition is to create a living place for a continuous international exchange of thoughts, ideas, and practices for young people and emergent practices.

About Kiviks Art Centre

Kivik Art Center operates at the intersection between sculpture, architecture, and nature. All areas are equally important and reinforce each other both visually and experientially. At the point of convergence, new ideas, forms, and thoughts arise.

Kivik Art Center started in 2007 with works by the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta. Today, the park displays works by both Swedish and international architects and artists, such as Sol LeWitt, Antony Gormley, Petra Gipp, David Chipperfield, and Ulla Viotti.

All works are anchored in the conceptual platform of sculpture/architecture/nature intersection and contributes to Kivik Art Centre’s development into an international arena for site-specific, exploratory art and architecture. Kivik Art Center is located just south of Kivik, in Österlen, Southeast Scania, in a scenic and culturally thriving landscape.

Scope and design

The residency period will include four weeks on-site activity at the Kivik Art Centre, during February – March 2023, as well as individual work at a location of your choice before the final design of the public part of the residency.

One condition for the residency program is that the residents jointly present some form of public manifestation during the following summer, based on the work and experiences on site. No formal requirements will be placed on the public part of the residency program, but the residents themselves design the framework for outreach. They can be exhibition-oriented, interactive, or completely immaterial.

Preparations for the joint public works are made during the residency period and completed before the start of the season on June 25, 2023. Continuous contact will be maintained between the residents, Kivik Art Centre management, and Lund University Department of Architecture and the Built Environment regarding proposals and ideas for public work.

Workspaces, housing, and surroundings

The residents will be offered accommodation at the Kivik Art Centre, Bergdala Gård 16 February – 15 March 2023. Accommodation in two cottages at the top of the area with extensive views across the Hanö Bay. During the onsite period, the residents will have 24/7 access to the area. Depending on resident needs, some workspaces will be available.

Bergdala Gård, where Kivik Art Centre leases land, is an active farm. Ongoing conversations will be held with the landowner about work premises, possibly access to machinery, etc.

Österlen is one of the most artist populated areas in Sweden. In the immediate area, there are multiple active cultural practitioners as well as art institutions. Kivik Art Centre has a well-developed network and can support connections between the residents and interested actors, both cultural practitioners and institutions.


October 2022

Announcement, application for residency program.

December 9, 2022

Application deadline is December 9.

December 2022

The Land Arc jury panel includes:
Dr. Per-Johan Dahl, Architect and Associate Professor/Docent at Lund University, Sweden.
Susan Bolgar, Art Historian and Project Leader, Kivik Art Centre
External jury members might be invited.

December 22, 2022

Notification of admission will be announced on December 22.

January 2023

Communication with the selected residents regarding times, travel, and arrival.

16 February – 15 March 2023

Reception and installation of the residents. The residents work on site.
Ongoing mediation of contacts and ongoing management of the residents’ needs and wishes.
Preparation for the public part of the residency program.

March – May 2023

The residents continue their work off site, at their own pace, monitored by the public part of the program.
Continuous contact with the working group from Kivik Art Centre and Department of Architecture and the Built Environment according to the residents’ wishes.

25 June – 3 September 2023

Kivik Art Centre open to the public.
Land Arc’s public production meets the visitors.
Presentations, artist talks, etc. is arranged.

September 2023

Evaluation of the residency program and completion of the final documentation.

Practical information

Accommodation and access to work premises is free of charge for the residents, as well as materials up to SEK 20,000. During their stay at Kivik Art Centre, residents receive a daily allowance of SEK 200/day each.
Travel to and from the site is covered by the residents.

It is an advantage if you have a driver’s license and a car, as Kivik Art Centre is located just over a kilometer from the nearest bus stop. Warm clothes are recommended – it can be cold and windy in Österlen during February – March.


Submit your application to:

The application must contain all your contact details, as well as your CV and a portfolio of reference projects. A website link is an advantage.

The application should also contain a short text about why you apply for the Land Arc residency and what you expect from your stay at the location and the subsequent public presentation.

Application deadline is December 9.

For more information, please contact:

Susan Bolgar
Project coordinator, Kivik Art Centre
+46 731-84 02 00

Per-Johan Dahl

Head of Department, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Lund University. 
+46 730 68 84 07


The Land Arc residency program is a collaboration between Kivik Art Centre and Lund University Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, with financial support from Region Skåne.

Kivik Art Centre is a member of Res Artis – the Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies.

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